EZ |


I am an artist and entrepreneur.


 I've been writing since I was like 4 years old. 


  I got my start in filmmaking in high school.

   My first documentary was about youth in the military.

    Visual storytelling became an outlet and I’ve been making media

      ever since.


  I am a self-taught photographer.

    I originally took it up to become a better camerawoman.

      I came to appreciate all that I could say in a single image. 

   In more ways than one, art has saved my life.

     For that, I will always write, film, photograph and design. 

   I have companies (a link) that I love and pour into daily. 

  I am a Philadelphia spirit. A Black woman learning, evolving and growing. 


  I'm currently available for all your commercial photography (link to photo    page) needs. 

  If you would like to have me photograph your brand or your business,          contact me here (link to Contact page). 

I think I'm going to have Eve - Who's That Girl play on the home page.