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                 EBONI |

I am an artist and entrepreneur.


 I've been writing since I was like 4 years old. 

  I got my start in filmmaking in high school.

      My first documentary was about

           youth in the military.

    Visual storytelling became an outlet

and I’ve been

     making media ever since.

   I am a  self-taught


    I originally took it up to

  become a

better camerawoman.


I came to appreciate all that

I could say in a single image. 


In more ways than one, art has saved my life.

  For that, I will always write, film, photograph and design. 

   I have two businesses that I love and pour into daily. 

    You can check them out here & here

    I am a Philadelphia spirit.

     A Black woman learning, evolving and growing. 


     I'm currently available for all your writing and photo editing needs

       If you would like to get in touch with me, contact me here

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