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I am a filmmaker, photographer and writer hailing from Philadelphia. I got my start in filmmaking in high school. My first documentary was about youth in the military. Visual storytelling became an outlet and I’ve been making media ever since.


I have been writing stories since I first learned how to write words. When I was unable to find my voice as a child, I somehow found the words to write down and things made more sense. I write to better understand myself and the world around me.


I am a self-taught photographer. I originally took it up to become a better videographer. I came to appreciate the majesty of the still image just as much. Finding the beauty of life in a single frame is one of my favorite things.


I tell stories, visual and written, via our media company, A&H Media. Championing the nuances of Black life is our mission. It is work that I am privileged and purposed to do.


I also have the privilege of reproducing stories for other people via EZ Exposures. We offer photography and videography services to clients for their events, services and life moments.  We are there to highlight the best of the experiences for clients.  


If you would like to know more, I can be reached via the Contact page.