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Add all of my personal socials and buttons to route people back to pay for Photography and Writing services. Add chat box to home Page that is directly connected to either email or wix owner account on my phone so I can correspond with people when they visit the site.

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Add Gtown InfoHub pieces and my online contribution to How We Stay Free;also place a similar paragraph here about my writing history, my love for it I will leave a few writing pieces on this page but I will divide into 3 sections - Film/Media, Photography and WritingA link to support my ART

Do you need a creative writing piece? A poem, a greeting card, an article?Available for your creative writing needs. Offering my services. 

Move this -may convert it to my babies to talk about my businesses - offer clickable links to both inside a photo that has a brief description - bring people back at the bottom of the link to my page or they get the option to go the company pages and book - like interactive media - they pick their journey. Links to support my businesses (either ShineRegistry links or pay for services) 
(Also, I'm thinking I want my Homepage to be my little 90's 
sitcom intro to me, a video playing of me when you open up the website - working of course. ) - another time


EZ Exposures is a boutique photography company. We offer photography and videography services to clients for their events, services, products and life moments. We provide reliable, quality service from start to finish. We capture the moment so you can live in it.   

For more info or booking inquiries please see my Contact page.

Our new website will be up soon. Be on the look out for the link.

Find out more, for bookings and inquiries, click below


Film, TV & Digital Production Company 

PGP is a film, TV & digital production company based in Philly. We produce motion pictures that explore the nuances of Black life in America. All of our media is created by Black people.