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Will be moved and here I'll just have past samples or examples of my photography and what people can book me for - Commercial Photography (I can go to them OR use REC or Kismet so it's always a $50 fee for studio), photo editing or photo retouching or other things I do learn to do in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. 

Either hourly or by package and everyone gets a contract.


Place Packages at the bottom - 3-5 options - no customization is available - additional items cost (gels or color shoot, extra edits, lower thirds or logos, additional lighting, an assistant)

I'm going to place up photos like the ones I did for Sheena's product line and whichever others I have that are similar. 

Photography can tell you so much about life in a single frame. It fast became one of my favorite things to do. Editing photo and video have well. Over the last 7 years I've shot and edited everything from personal portraits, personal events like engagements and birthday parties to community events, products, recaps and promos for small businesses. I"ve nejoyed the work and for the next 3 years I will continue to offer my services in the Philadelphia region. If you are in need of photography, photo editing or video editing, please review my work below. If you like what you see, message me and we can discuss the ways I can be of service for your photo and editing needs. My work begins at $200.

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