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RushArts Philly - Opening

High John the Conqueror Ain't Got Nothing On Me: American Hoodoo & Southern Black American Centric Spiritual Ways

In the heart of Logan, Danny Simmons & Shantrelle Lewis bring us American Hoodoo magic. The vibrancy could be felt from down the block as I approached RushArts Philly sitting on the corner of Old York Road and Ruscomb St.

Riding north on Broad Street, assuming I was headed to West Oak Lane or Mt. Airy for RushArts, I passed Charlie B's on Broad and Lindley, until I realized we'd gone too far and had to turn around because the gallery sits less than a block away on Old York Road. We knew that meant that it had to be in Logan and I was excited!

Familiar Black and Brown folks from the Philly art scene filled the pavement and entrance. I anticipated going inside to greet the familiar and the new. The colors, shapes and patterns drew me in and I was enriched and confronted at the same time. The exhibit engages the audience in a powerful and transformative experience.

My recommendation, go experience the exhibit in it's final week.


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