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No Script with Marshawn Lynch - Review

When a friend of mine texted me asking if I had watched Marshawn Lynch’s new show, I was a bit surprised. The most I had heard from Lynch were the snippets of his postgame press conferences floating around on social media. He didn’t come across to me as the TV personality type. I’m glad I was wrong. From the very first episode all I could do was holler. You may have thought I was watching the 33-year-old on the field.

No Script is appropriately titled. I’m not sure if the producers pitched the show this way or if the script was thrown out at his request. He certainly does not need one. Hilariously Black. A true Oakland native. Beastmode is a national treasure. It’s nice to see him shine in his own way on his own terms.

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He reminds me of all the guys I grew up around. Those who appear to be scary or unwelcoming to a lot of folks but who I knew as funny, honest guys. The interactions with his family are familiar and wholesome. His interactions with the crew are comical. I kept thinking one of them was going to get hurt.

The show should definitely be on MTV or BET. It has a sketch variety show feel to it. The jokes, the off-the-cuff remarks, his authenicity are all things I can appreciate it. It's definitely worth the watch. Here’s hoping we’ll get another season.



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