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Shuttered Businesses and Fond Memories: Murry's

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This is a short series that highlights closed neighborhood stores in Germantown. A lot has changed in Germantown. I collaborated with Germantown Info Hub to photograph and write about what used to be and what's changed, from a native's perspective.

I had a love/hate relationship with this store. When I was younger I knew a trip to Murry’s meant a Friday night of quick and greasy meals. My parents would buy all kinds of things from the store, my favorites being steak fries, fish sticks, Steak ‘Ems and that huge box of artificially flavored popsicles. I always thought Murry’s smelled funny and I never liked the colors. It always seemed dark inside no matter the time of day we went shopping. As I got older, I was embarrassed that we shopped there. We would get teased about eating food from Murry’s by other kids. I would find a way to get out of going on trips to Murry’s with my parents. When we moved, my parents didn’t shop there as frequently. I never went back as an adult. I’d only see it on my way to other stores or events on Germantown Ave. Sometime last year a friend told me it closed. A flood of memories came back to me immediately. The food, the snacks and the colors. I thought to myself, despite the smell, Friday nights at Murry’s never did disappoint.

This post originally appeared on Germantown Info Hub's site.


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